Blind Tiger Ice

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area with craft cocktail ice, logo ice, and sculptures

Cocktail  Ice

Clear 2 Inch.jpg

Clear Two Inch Cube

Logo 2 Inch.JPG

Logo Cube

Ice Sphere 2.jpg


Collins Cube.jpg

Collins Cube

1 Inch Cubes.jpg

One Inch Cubes


We’re a bar/restaurant, can you provide regular deliveries?

Our specialty is partnering with Bay Area bars and restaurants on their ice programs. We’ll deliver right to your freezer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and adjust your order size based on your evolving needs.

Can you provide custom ice sizes / cuts?

Yes! We’ll make sure the ice fits your glassware perfectly. We have several additional standard additional cuts of ice and can provide samples or work with you on the specifics. Please contact us for details.

How do logo cubes work?

We’ll work with you to make sure your design or logo looks great on ice. Looking for letters or numbers — check out our recommended Typefaces.