Blind Tiger Ice

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area with craft cocktail ice, logo ice, and sculptures

In our Ice Studio we create a sculpture in every glass.

Our Product

Ice is just as important as any other ingredient in making a cocktail.  Your guests will appreciate all the efforts you made in creating that cocktail.  It's more than simply served on the rocks or straight up.  At our Ice Studio we use old-school ice craftsmanship and high-tech to create the ultimate cocktail ice.


Crystal Clear

The process of how we filter our water combined with the slow freezing process removes all impurities and air, creating a crystal-clear block of ice.


Slow Melting

Our ice is highly dense and therefore has a slower melting time.  The result is a longer lasting cold cocktail with less dilution.



With an ideal surface-area-to-volume ratio, this shape has the lowest melting rate. Use for the slowest possible rate of dilution in cocktails.

Workng with Ice

Storing Ice

Our ice is best left sealed in the bag it came in.  If you are planning on storing the ice longer than a month, then individually wrap the cubes in plastic wrap and store them in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  If the ice becomes stuck together you can simply break the cubes apart using an ice pick; just place the pick in the seam of the two cubes and give a gentle tap.

Store ice at 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The colder the freezer the longer the ice will last in there, yet the colder the freezer the longer the cube will have to temper in the glass before adding liquid to the glass.


Tempering ice prevents it from cracking. Ice stored in a freezer needs to warm up slowly (temper) and adding liquid to a cube that is not fully tempered will cause it to crack.  Non-tempered ice will feel dry and and tempered ice will be wet.

Tip: simply place the cube in the serving glass as your first step. By the time you mix up the cocktail, the cube should be tempered (tempering typically takes between 30-60 seconds).

Monogramed Ice

Temper this ice the same way as non-monogram ice.  The main difference is when pouring in the cocktail:  pour the cocktail off to the side of the cube rather than directly on it.  If poured directly on the cube it may melt off the monogram.  The monogram is made by engraving the ice.  We pack it back with snow-ice and re-freeze the cube. 

Transporting Ice

The best way to transport our cocktail ice is to keep it in the original packaging. Take the ice from the freezer directly to a cooler at the time you are about to leave.  If traveling more than 45 minutes we suggest picking up 4-5 pounds of dry ice.  With dry ice you can extend your travel time to 24 hours if packaged properly.  Remember that dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and needs to be handled properly.  The temperature of dry ice is less than -100 degrees Fahrenheit, which will burn skin with direct contact. Dry ice is also always sublimating, which means you need to vent the space; try traveling with a window cracked to keep the carbon dioxide buildup to a minimum.

Handling Ice

Handling ice can be done in three ways; bare Hands, tongs, or an Ice Scoop.  Always treat ice as food.  When using your hands, make sure your hands are very clean.  Tongs are great for larger cubes, spheres, and shards while an ice scoop works best for small cubes and crushed ice.