Blind Tiger Ice

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area with craft cocktail ice, logo ice, and sculptures

Blind Tiger Ice

During the Prohibition era (1920-1933) a Speakeasy was also called Blind Tiger, a secret place where one would go for a cocktail.  Ice back then was still harvested out of frozen lakes, transported many miles, and chipped into a glass for a chilled cocktail.  Ice was a luxury item back then.  It was also beautiful and clear.

Ice is to a bartender like fire is to a chef.  Chefs use fire in various ways to create their dish just as bartenders use ice in ways to create a cocktail.  Ice has a specific purpose for each type of cocktail; Shaken, Stirred, Poured over a Large Cube or Sphere, Served with Crushed Ice.  A skilled bartender knows ice chills and dilutes a cocktail at the same time therefore using the correct ice is essential. 

At Blind Tiger Ice we have a desire for the perfection of the cocktail by creating the perfect ice to accompany it.  Ice is just as important as the spirit, mixer, fresh juice, and even as important as the proper glass.  It’s often overlooked… Get everything else correct but miss it on the ice and the cocktail is ruined.

From the creator of PDX ICE in Portland Oregon, Blind Tiger Ice uses the same high standards to create perfect, clear, and etched cocktail ice.  Our Ice Studio pairs with old-school craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to create the ultimate cocktail ice. 

Blind Tiger Ice is regularly inspected by the California Health Department to ensure the best ice around.  What's in your glass?

Better Ice = Better Cocktails